just plants!

We believe it’s possible to build a sustainable food system that avoids the exploitation of animals and the use of crops associated with deforestation, depletion and unethical practices.

peas… but not as you know them


We’ve crafted a DELICIOUS, SMOOTH and CREAMY milk alternative from yellow split peas that has more proteins, more fibre, and significantly less sugars than other alternatives. So, join the cause and help us build a resilient food system that benefits our planet and all its inhabitants.

our values 

Sustainable Proteins

We use diversified plant-based proteins of high nutritional value and produced to high environmental and ethical standards.

Plant-Based, ALWAYS

We believe it is unethical and completely unnecessary to exploit or harm animals.


We believe in the role of businesses to put social and environmental impact at the core of what they do.

You are supporting the Sea Shepherd Conservation society with every purchase you make.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation.

We’re truly inspired by their grit and uncompromising ethics in protecting the world’s oceans and their fragile ecosystems, and so we are committed to support them with your purchase by donating part of the profits from the sale of the product to their UK branch.